Thursday, February 18, 2010

Birds in Sycamore Canyon

Male Costa's hummingbird in backyard 1-22-10
photo by Kathiesbirds


  1. Oh yippee..I am your first follower. sure are ambitious two blogs..yikes!

    well the Costas is sure a great bird to start your blog off with..a Gorgeous bird.

  2. I look forward to your posts for Sycamore Canyon! Love the Costa!

  3. Congratulations on your new blog Kathie. Look forward to visiting often. Love this little bird.

  4. I've wondered why you've not had something similar to a birds of Sycamore Canyon area before. Your photes are very useful as are the identifying features. Hope to take advantage of this blog in June or July!

  5. This is a neat one. I have never seen this bird before. It looks almost like it could be a DNA mixup. Nice post.

  6. Dawn, you are so quick! Good for you and thank you!

    Kathryn, here's hoping it goes well. Thank you for the encouragement!

    Denise, I have my work cut out for me!

    Dean, well, I better get to work then! This is an idea I have had for awhile but I haven't had time to get to it. I hope to take it slowly but acuratley! I do hope it will be a help to local residents and others.

    TR, so nice to see you here!

    Abe, you surprise me also! Thanks for showing up and commenting!